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Mars Needs Views!!!


You can check out or rent Mars Needs Moms through Amazon Instant Video and to make things more interesting, below are Mars Needs Moms Call Outs! Just shout 'em out while watching the movie (time indicates time remaining of the movie).


-1:27:12 (Rover touches Rock)                                           -1:27:01 (Full view of Mars Rover)

Worst Crane Game Ever! (Like Comic Book Guy)          Johnny Five is Alive!


-1:26:40 (Going underground)                                          -1:26:04 (Bows to Supervisor)

Secretly stored underground is... More ground.            Yes, Sensei!


-1:25:50 (Targeting North America)                                 -1:25:33 (Girl throws ice cream)

You may fire when ready. (Like Grand Moff Tarkin)      Mom, I'm diabetic!


-1:22:26 (Milo staring at broccoli)                                     -1:22:10 (Milo sits down to watch TV)

Ha! He thinks zombies are an abomination.                    What do you think of the movie so far, 

Someone hasn't read the Bible.                                           Mr. Whiskers?


-1:20:20 (Milo laying in bed)                                              -1:19:50 (Milo wakes up)

In case you're wondering, despite the way they            Don't panic. You're just in a bad movie. 

look, those are humans and we're still on Earth.


-1:19:12 (Milo gets out of bed)                                          -41:50 (Milo and Gribble land in junk pile)

This has been another cat confessions with                  Another Michael Jackson reference in 5 seconds. 

Mr. Whiskers.


-38:10 (Milo pulls t-shirt out of sweater)                         -24:31 (Robot throws up)

The bottomless pocket sweater, now $24.99!                 I know how you feel.


-19:35 (Martian babies escape)                                          -19:02 (Milo's Mom realizes where she is)

Babies are the equivalent of rabid dogs.                          The correct response to this movie.


-16:40 (Milo on ground struggling for air)                       -14:36 (Milo's Mom gets helmet)

At least he's not going Total Recall.                                   I hope it still works after a quarter of a century.


-8:37 (Milo and his Mom walk hand in hand)                   -7:48 (Milo hugs Mom)

Are you saying it'd be okay if I dated an alien?                Way to Han Solo respond.


Now if you want to make things even more interesting... and blurry, here's the Mars Needs Moms Drinking Game (Be sure to drink responsibly). Or if you want to do the kids/non-alcoholic version, then try eating sour gummi worms or drinking Clamato instead. 


*Drink everytime Gribble screams. (If you want to go through this lightly)

*Drink everytime “Gribble” or some form of Gribble (ex. Gribbltastic) is said. (A little less lightly)

*Drink everytime a 70's or 80's reference is made. (Heavy)

*Drink everytime you see alien butt. (If you want to get buzzed)

*Drink everytime Milo says “Mom!” (If you want to die)


Update: You should not do the last one (*Drink everytime Milo says "Mom!"), if you are actually drinking alcohol. It is a major health risk... Kind of like this movie.



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