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Those Sketchy People presents:
Digested Disney

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March 23


Digested Disney

The Maverick Theater 110 E Walnut Ave Fullerton, CA


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Just a little bit can help a lot. With your donations we will be able to improve our costumes, props, and set pieces and perhaps even tour Digested Disney across the USA. You get to support a great show AND get perks! Win/Win!


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The Back Stories

The Back Stories is a collection of short tales revealing the ominous prologues, epilogues, and cut pieces of your favorite fairy tales.

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Currently in its second year being broadcast, The Back Stories tells the tale of a young editor by the name of Jason Gracey, who unfortunately inherits his family's haunted mansion. Jason finds a hidden library containing the untold stories (ones best left unpublished) explaining the plight and origin of many beloved and feared fairy tale characters.

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